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The series will touch on the burning topics of the moderation in different industries and discuss some of the difficult questions of ethics in moderation, including freedom of speech vs hate speech.

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Our guest for the first episode is Daniel Kelley (he/him/his), the Director of Strategy and Operations of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and a member of the advisory board of Raising Good Gamers and an advisor to the Fair Play Alliance.

Daniel leads the center’s work to fight hate and harassment in the games. He is also the lead author of the first nationally representative survey of hate, harassment and positive social experiences in online games.

Find him on Twitter at @danieljkelley.







Our host for the first episode is Kris Sangani, a technology journalist with more than 25 years of experience working for titles such as Engineering & Technology Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, TechRadar, Computer Weekly and the Economist.

Kris often appears in the broadcast media as an expert to talk about current technology trends – appearing regularly on Channel 5 News in the UK.

Check out one of his appearances discussing hate speech.






Joining from Utopia Analytics is our CEO & Co-founder, Dr. Mari-Sanna Paukkeri, who holds the world’s first PhD in language-independent text analytics. Dr. Paukkeri has gained a status of being an expert of Artificial Intelligence and is lecturing on AI, machine learning, human behaviour, data and text analytics in both academic and business seminars all over the world.