CEO Dr. Mari-Sanna Paukkeri on making AI projects a success at AutosPlus 2018

October 10, 2018
CEO Dr. Mari-Sanna Paukkeri on making AI projects a success at AutosPlus 2018

CEO Dr. Mari-Sanna Paukkeri is going to give a speech at AutosPlus 2018, the largest online marketplace event in the world for automotive vertical. The talk will revolve around “The Do’s and Don’ts of making AI projects a success”, which will provide businesses with learnings along with tips to profit from AI and machine learning. Being a PhD in AI who has over 10 years of experience working on AI projects, Dr. Paukkeri will uncover the 3 crucial steps and requirements when starting a new AI project, including:

  1. Key considerations to define a measurable yet simple goal,
  2. Sustainable data selection, and
  3. Choosing the right AI algorithm.

The presentation will also reveal the limitations of AI and share a few practical examples of AI projects that Utopia is working on.

AutosPlus, organized by AIM Group, is reputed to be the trailblazing conference in the world focusing on novelties in automotive advertising and technology. Networking will be at the heart of this year’s conference where CEOs, decision-makers and tech experts gather under one roof to discuss industry-changing trends and discover new business perceptions. AutosPlus 2018 will be held in London on 15­–16 October. Dr. Paukkeri’s speech will be delivered on 15 October, starting at 15:30. Come have a seat!

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