Increase engagement with your readers

Utopia AI Moderator enables automated moderation of reader comments and cuts down the publishing delay. Inappropriate behaviour, bullying, hate speech, discrimination, sexual harassment and spam are filtered out real time, 24/7. It allows your moderation team to focus on moderation policy management and only the most difficult cases.



Giving people a chance to have their say about stories is important. Filtering out unacceptable comments in real time increases the quality and volume of discussion.

Safer & more engaged

Real-time moderation enables acceptable comments to be published without delay. This results in a higher volume of comments and livelier discussion, without the readers or journalists being exposed to offensive behaviour.

Increased advertising revenue

More engagement results in more website traffic, which boosts advertising revenue. It also gives journalists the chance to connect with the readers and build a sense of community.

Reduced operational costs

High automation rate reduces the need for manual moderation significantly. There is no need to maintain and update rule-based filters and word lists.

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