We walk the walk, so the audiences can talk the talk

We are data scientists, text analysts, AI experts, developers, product managers, project managers and marketing & sales people. We are proud of the AI products we build and with them, we want to change the world, ensuring all online interaction is fair and safe, and a place where world-class, reliable AI allows humans to do what they do best.


Working at Utopia

At Utopia, you can work with experts who are pioneers in their respective fields. Utopia is a growth company with the whole world as our target market. Our sales team is ambitious in finding the best solutions for our customers in different industries globally. Our analytics team focuses on building AI models and statistical analysis. Our system development team develops and maintains our scalable SaaS platform. Together we provide AI services that simply work. Our office is centrally located – right next to Helsinki’s railway station, in new and comfortable premises.


Open positions

At Utopia, we are changing the world. We unlock human possibilities through the power of AI. We build the finest machine learning services on the planet.