Ethical AI

As forerunners of Ethical AI, Utopia builds the finest machine learning services on the planet.


AI can be a powerful tool

We at Utopia understand that AI can be a powerful tool. Therefore, we have created a framework for ethically sustainable artificial intelligence that emphasizes common principles such as transparency, human-first, comprehensibility, non-discrimination and human dignity. As forerunners of Ethical AI, we also put these principles into action together with our customers.


Ethical AI

1. Who is in charge?
AI is a tool; humans are the master. People always define what is right and what is wrong. Ethics comes from humans.

2. Powerful tools need a solid base
We have chosen the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) to be the foundation for the ethical use of our AI.

3. Shared responsibility
Our contracts say that if a party breaches UDHR, cooperation will be terminated. So, both parties keep each other honest.

4. Democracy
We never define what is OK for publishing and what is not. It is our customers’ privilege on their own platform. Every online service we moderate has their own policy.

5.  Values in order
We will not sell our tools to anyone who might abuse them.

6. No prejudice
Our AI models moderate each message or comment solely by the content and context, no matter who is the person created it.

7. Honesty
Our professional team focus on building unbiased AI models.

8. Equality
We provide our services with the same high quality for all languages and dialects in the world.

9. Safety
We build tools to maintain security and wellbeing in the digital world.

10. Trust
We do what we promise. And we take responsibility for our algorithms.

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