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Utopia Analytics provides the finest machine learning services on the planet. With our text analytics & AI content moderation, your users are engaged, your online community is safe and your brand is protected.

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Utopia AI for you.

Utopia provides text analytics services for all the languages in the world. We have AI products for many use cases and industries. With the help of text analytics and machine learning, our tools are automated, fully customizable and easy to implement – all powered by Utopia AI.


Enabling a positive in-game chat experience with AI content moderation.

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Insurance claims

Prevent unnecessary expenses caused by claims overspend issues.

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Safeguard customers and brand from harmful content and fake reviews.

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Social platforms

Fostering healthy interactions among users on any social media platform.

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Online marketplaces

Improve quality, increase
speed and reduce cost.

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News commenting

Sustain constructive, informative
and abuse-free discussions.

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Chat services

Moderate around the clock, in all languages, dialects and slangs.

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Online dating

Foster healthy online
dating experiences.

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Utopia AI Moderator

Utopia AI Moderator is a fully automated moderation tool that protects your online community and your brand from abusive user-generated content, fraud, cyberbullies and spam. It learns from the publishing decisions your human moderators made previously, works in real time, with a higher degree of accuracy when compared to humans.

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Utopia AI Moderator solution is listed by the kidSAFE Seal Program. Utopia AI Moderator solution is listed by the kidSAFE Seal Program. Click on the seal to learn more.

Utopia AI for insurance

Utopia AI dramatically simplifies your manual claim handling process while increasing the level of high-accuracy automation.

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Our services

Utopia AI uses advanced text analytics to solve even the most complex cases.

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Utopia AI Moderator understands
all languages and dialects in the world.

Processing informal language is natural for Utopia AI. It understands the
semantic meaning of sentences regardless of spelling errors, informal grammar use or unusual meanings of words.

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From Momio

Safeguarding young users effectively was the utmost priority for Momio when choosing an automated moderation tool.

From Jofogas

Speed, quality, support, easy integration & pricing made Jofogas choose Utopia Al.

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