Wondering how to reduce your claim costs?

Utopia AI will cut your claims overspend in real time, 24/7, using our Advanced AI solution. Delivering significant savings, all day, every day.

Real-time identification of areas of claims overspend

Utopia AI helps you to identify the claims overspend in your business. Using your past data, Utopia AI can identify in real time where you are most likely to incur unnecessary and excessive costs. Armed with this information, you can take action to prevent that money from being spent. By mimicking the very best cumulative knowledge and skills of your audit team and claim handlers, our Advanced AI delivers information you can react to and immediately reduce your costs.


Utopia is in the InsurTech 100 for 2021 as one of the world’s most innovative solution providers that address digital transformation challenges in insurance.

3 simple steps


We analyse your data
in claims overspend.


We build a unique automated solution for you in just 3 weeks.


You identify real potential savings on every new claim.

Optimise the claims process

Utopia AI Claim Handler is an advanced AI solution to future-proof your operations. AI helps human and allows insurers to optimise claims performance. No matter what languages, what type of policies, and regardless of the number of incoming insurance claims, integration is easy and fast.

Utopia AI Claim Handler go beyond traditional business rules and enables managing the overall claim handling process automatically with only one AI model. The tool continuously learns from the claim handling decisions your human claims adjusters make. It mimics human decision making and can take legislation, variety of policies, different kinds of loss types etc. into account. It operates with a higher degree of accuracy when compared to humans and significantly improves customer experience.

Utopia AI Claim Handler removes delays and provides reliable, consistent decisions in real time, allowing human claim handlers to focus on only the most difficult cases. The tool is ready for production use in only three weeks, and it processes 100% of your incoming claims. It stays up-to-date by continuously learning as it works.

Available features