Foster healthy online dating experiences for your users

Utopia AI Moderator is able to examine and tackle online dating concerns in real-time such as inappropriate behaviour, hate speech, discrimination, crime, sexual harassment, scam, cat-fishing and potentially underage profiles. On top of that, Utopia AI Moderator also helps to enhance users’ dating experience by learning from previous data to suggest matches based on the goal of the user and of the platform as a whole.


Up to 99% accuracy

Utopia AI Moderator analyses all kinds of content, processing for example links, email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, usernames, emoticons, etc. It identifies spam messages, duplicates, near duplicates, atypical content, meta information, user behaviour, bans and robots. It can detect any kind of unacceptable content, for example:

Romance scam

Hate speech and bullying


Sexual harrasment

Real life stalking


Racism and discrimination


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