Enabling a positive in-game chat experience with AI moderation

A fully automated real-time content moderation tool that protects your online community and brand from unwanted content and behaviour. Utopia AI Moderator automatically learns your unique community terms of use, and moderates user-generated content in any language, 24/7, while reducing manual human moderation work by up to 99.9%



Community is where everything happens, it is the heart of it. The more users are able to engage the more you can guide the story, product, and even make investment decisions.

More social features & safer community

Utopia AI catches inappropriate content before it’s published. More social features in a safe environment will enhance the user experience and increase engagement, spend and loyalty.

Consistency based on your guidelines

A tailor-made AI moderation model is trained based on your existing data. This ensures that the moderation decisions follow exactly your moderation policy and it enables 100% consistent moderation.

Reduce cost

Utopia’s fully automated process reduces the cost of manual moderation and volume of reported content. Increasing your moderators’ time to focus on building an engaged community.

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