Utopia launches strategical partnership in the UK

June 5, 2018
Utopia launches strategical partnership in the UK

Utopia Analytics has concluded an agreement with Fiare on selling Utopia AI Moderator in the UK. The Utopia AI Moderator will now be offered as a value-added service for Fiare clients and prospects in the UK, strengthening Utopia’s position in that market.

Fiare is renowned for their sophisticated FiareAds platform – a whitelabel solution for running online marketplaces and eCommerce sites. Fiare’s expertise in marketplace sites provides Utopia with the ideal partner to best showcase its tools.

Not restricted to marketplaces, Utopia AI Moderator will also be sold by Fiare in the UK to any websites which would benefit from having text moderated – discussion forums, news comments, chatbots, reviews and more.

Utopia AI Moderator is a fully-automated moderation tool provided on a SaaS platform. The tool enables Utopia’s customers to user-generated content automatically in any language or dialect. Current users of the tool include Scandinavian media behemoths Aller and Schibsted, as well as Tamedia in Switzerland. While reducing the need for human moderation work by up to 99%*, it deploys a consistent and up-to-date moderation policy, learned from client’s own data.

The strategic partnership not only opens new possibilities for both parties. It also demonstrates their philosophy of building ever better services which make life easier and happier for their clients, the site users and the advertisers.

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