Utopia Analytics secures top journalist as new director

February 26, 2019
Utopia Analytics secures top journalist as new director

Utopia Analytics has appointed Janne Huuskonen as Director, Marketing and Communications. In his role, Huuskonen will be responsible for Utopia’s marketing strategy and communications globally. He is starting on 1 March 2019.

Huuskonen is an experienced and awarded journalist. He and his team won the story of the year award at the Bonnier Grand Journalist Prize in 2018. Huuskonen has spent the past 12 years at Finnish News Agency STT, most recently as news editor.

“Finnish AI already is a success story, yet few people know it. I want to spread the word. Utopia’s people are pioneers in the industry and they have a groundbreaking product in the market. I’m super excited to jump in, although journalism and STT are not easy to leave” says Huuskonen.

Utopia’s CEO Dr. Mari-Sanna Paukkeri says Huuskonen brings important new skills and media understanding to the fast-growing company.

“Working in the media industry, Utopia most warmly welcomes such a hard-boiled media expert to strengthen the team of top experts of other fields“ says Paukkeri.

Utopia Analytics is an AI house which specializes in analyzing text in any language or dialect. Founded in 2014, Utopia currently has about 20 employees.

Utopia AI Moderator is the flagship product of Utopia. It is used for automatically moderating user-generated content, for example on “kids’ Facebook” Momio, and also on the largest discussions forum in Finland, Suomi24.fi, popular online marketplaces such as Swiss tutti.ch and Finnish tori.fi. Also, news houses in the frontline globally, use Utopia’s AI Moderator. In Finland for example Iltalehti’s news commenting is moderated by Utopia AI Moderator.

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