Utopia Analytics appoints Sharon Fisher as gaming industry becomes a growing focus

June 30, 2021
Utopia Analytics appoints Sharon Fisher as gaming industry becomes a growing focus


Rising demand from games companies and eSports for innovative chat moderation solutions sees Utopia Analytics expand its senior team as it grows its gaming footprint
30 June 2021

Utopia has appointed Sharon Fisher, a veteran in the games moderation space, as Senior Market Development Executive. In her new role, Fisher will be working with key games companies globally, supporting them to realise their vision of inclusive gaming and safe communities through the use of next-generation moderation tools.

Fisher has worked in and around online content moderation for more than a decade, starting with roles at Disney Interactive where she led the efforts to implement Spanish language chat filters to ensure a safe online environment for Disney’s online communities across all Spanish speaking countries. After more than five years with Disney Fisher joined content moderation company Two Hat where she spent four years helping to grow a customer list featuring many of the biggest game publishers and platforms within the industry. Throughout her career, Fisher has worked with brands including Supercell, Roblox and Nintendo. For the past year, Fisher has been working with games companies looking to develop their moderation strategies through her own consultancy, Real Game Consulting.

Utopia is a data-focused AI specialist which has developed technology for analyzing text in any language or dialect. Utopia AI Moderator is a fully automated content moderation tool that protects online communities and brands from unwanted content and behaviour. Utopia AI automatically learns unique community terms of use, and moderates user-generated content in real time, while reducing manual human moderation work by up to 99.9%.

“Having spent the past decade working in the field of chat moderation, I understand how creating a safe and inclusive environment for players has become more and more important to publishers and brands. Utopia’s innovative use of AI offers a genuine breakthrough in how moderation can be delivered at scale, in any language and without time-consuming processes. I can’t wait to get out there and spread the word,” said Fisher.

Companies already working with Utopia include horse-themed online game Star Stable, Momio, equivalent to “Facebook for kids”, and some of the largest news media companies in Finland, Netherlands, Austria and Brazil.

CEO of Utopia Analytics, Dr Mari-Sanna Paukkeri, added “It’s great to have someone with Sharon’s experience joining our team. With so many games now built around their online communities, creating safe and enjoyable environments will only be more important. Sharon brings a real understanding of games and gamers to the team, and we are all really delighted to have Sharon on board.”

About Utopia Analytics

Founded in 2014, Utopia Analytics comprises text analytics, artificial intelligence and software development experts. With several doctors of science in technology and other key professionals in our team, our heritage is solidly rooted in a background of academic research. Our vision is to change the way user-generated content is utilised and managed.

Utopia AI Moderator and Utopia AI Claim Handler are the company’s flagship products. Both can automatically analyse user-generated content in any language using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Utopia’s innovative AI-based technologies are already helping create a safe online environment for users of children’s Facebook-equivalent Momio, gaming platforms like StarStable and popular online marketplaces such as Swiss Tutti.ch, Finnish Tori.fi as well as Hungarian Jófogás.hu. News comments on Brazillian frontline news channel UOL, Austrian Kronen Zeitung, Dutch Nu.nl and Finnish Helsingin Sanomat are also moderated by Utopia AI.

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