AI could help improve content moderators’ work satisfaction

March 21, 2019
AI could help improve content moderators’ work satisfaction

Content moderators are indeed the silent heroes of social media. Every day, they protect users from being exposed to toxic content online.

While users can rest assured that they are relatively safe browsing their feeds today, content moderators’ well-being has been at risk for so long. Because we are rarely exposed to the harmful contents, we do not know just how disturbing it is.

The Verge has recently done a story called “The trauma floor”, which depicts a typical working day of a group of content moderators for a well-known social media platform. The story contains information, which is to conclude that such constant exposure to toxic contents, at any rate, has certain effects to the content moderators’ wellbeing.

And humans can only do so much. Despite sitting through a huge amount of content every day, content moderators are still running behind.

Failure to keep up with moderation has resulted in social media companies having to “[disable] a function of its product in response to tragedy.”, according to The New York Times. They also added that “the platforms must make themselves less functional in the interests of public safety.”

BuzzFeedNews and The Lamron mentioned technology and especially AI content moderation as a solution, raising the question of whether it is possible for technology to intervene and take away some portion of the work. And the answer is yes.

Apart from spam filter which can only detect those kinds of spam that have been seen before, a few AI content moderation tools have been put to use with heavy monitoring from humans.

However, there is a tool that does not need as much monitoring. Utopia AI Moderator is a fully automated, real-time content moderation tool that has been proven to reduce the need for human moderation work up to 99 %. The tool implements machine learning algorithms, which deploys consistent updates, according to each client’s unique moderation policy.

It means that the tool’s accuracy rate is typically higher compared to that of human content moderators. Utopia AI Moderator is capable of handling peak loads and still provides reliable moderation round the clock, allowing human moderators to focus on moderation policy management as well as other trickier contents.

As the machine is taking care of a huge part of the routine, human content moderators could be more relieved that they will not be exposed to disturbing contents on such a heavy frequency anymore.

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