Aalto University business students compared 20 content moderation services – Utopia stands strong

September 5, 2019
Aalto University business students compared 20 content moderation services – Utopia stands strong

In July 2019, a group of business master students from Aalto University in Finland conducted a 10-week research project during which they examined and compared 20 different companies that provide content moderation services from Europe and USA.

The list for research included a variety of companies that focus on text, image and video moderation, companies that utilise manual human moderation, social media moderation focused companies and companies that combine both human work and algorithms.

The research looked closely at the following criteria which were based on customer’s popular needs:

  1. capabilities for real-time moderation
  2. the amount of human work required
  3. the accuracy and consistency of moderation
  4. the capabilities for informal and unusual language processing, and
  5. image and video moderation

Most companies technically provide all of the mentioned features in their content moderation services but their qualities vary.

According to the research, only a few including Utopia’s service maintains high accuracy and consistency without requiring any additional moderation work from humans. Meanwhile, the majority still demands regular attention from content moderators to achieve a similar precision rate.

What sets Utopia’s content moderation service apart on the market is its ability to adapt to any language or dialect in the world. As reported, the integration of the service is also substantially easier, demanding less time and human resources compared to other companies on the list.

Almost all of the examined providers promoted the customizability of their content moderation services. Customizability as a technical feature can be seen as a spectrum, ranging from manually setting simple keywords to fully automated, complexly tailored algorithms. Utopia’s customizability is exceptionally high as the company gives its customers full control of their publishing policies and guidelines. It’s one of Utopia’s strongest competitive advantages, in addition to language independence.

This market research of content moderation service companies concluded that although Utopia Analytics is a relatively young company, its capabilities are strong. Its features include language independence, high customizability and tailor-made tools, constant support and improvement of the AI model and quality that does not require interference from the customer.

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