Real-time AI moderation of reviews.

Safeguard your customers and brand from harmful content such as fake reviews, spam, hate speech, foul language, and revealing of personal information.

Utopia AI moderates the text and images in customer reviews, in any language. It offers higher quality, faster implementation and lower costs compared to traditional content moderation tools.

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Better experience for customers

Advanced AI based moderation increases the quality of customer reviews and gets them published faster. Reviews that don’t meet your community guidelines are automatically filtered out.

Fast integration

Tailor-made moderation model is built in 2 weeks, learning your exact policies automatically. Integration to Utopia SaaS platform takes only 2–3 days. There is no need for manual word list based rule-setting or lengthy configuration period.

Reduced operational costs

Up to 99% automation rate reduces the need for manual moderation drastically. Quality assurance, maintenance and updates are all part of Utopia’s service.

Real-time text and image moderation

Utopia AI analyses the text and images in every new customer review and publishes or rejects them in milliseconds. Real-time moderation speeds up the publishing and improves the user experience.

Highest accuracy rate

Utopia AI leverages advanced statistical modelling and computational linguistics to understand the semantic meaning in the content. This enables it to be much more accurate in detecting unacceptable content than traditional rule-based tools, resulting in the highest automation rate in the market.

Follows your unique guidelines

You define your moderation policy. Utopia AI learns what is acceptable and what is not from your earlier human moderation decisions. This includes your product categories, rules and policies as well as reasons for rejecting reviews.

Available on all languages

Utopia AI understands all languages in the world. It can also handle spelling errors, social media language, slang, use of informal grammar or unusual meanings of words. It is the only true language-agnostic moderation tool in the world.

Fastest to integrate in the market

Building a unique, tailor-made Utopia AI model takes only 2 weeks. Utopia AI Moderator is a SaaS solution and your IT will be able to integrate your database with Utopia API in a few days.

Safeguarding your customers and brand

Enabling safe and enjoyable shopping experiences by weeding out unacceptable reviews. Fraud, spam, toxicity and abuse are all effectively filtered out.

Utopia has been providing its services for online marketplaces since 2016. Today Utopia AI Moderator is utilised by leading online marketplaces in various countries. We work for example with Schibsted, Adevinta and Tamedia owned companies.

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About Utopia
Utopia was founded in 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. We are a leading text analytics company with a team of doctorate-level experts in AI, text analytics and computational linguistics as well as IT and business professionals. Utopia’s patent-pending technology is robust and scalable and it is used across customers in various industries around the world.

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Learn why Adevinta’s Jófogá chose Utopia AI Moderator

Jófogás has nearly 2 million classified ads and more than 2 million monthly users.
Moderation of ads needs to happen quickly so the ads can be published without delay.
Speed, quality, support, easy integration & pricing made Jófogás choose Utopia AI.

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