Schibsted’s marketplace: “Utopia AI’s work is worth the effort of tens of people.”

Over 3 million unique visitors browse the online marketplace on a monthly basis. By integrating with Utopia AI Moderator, they have managed to cut down immense costs. Tori‘s also become a more trustworthy platform as they’re now moderating all the content, which was previously not possible.

Let Heidi Tukiainen, Head of Customer Operations at answer 4 questions about Utopia service.

1. Does Utopia keep its promise of over 90% automation text and images?

Yes. Service is always on, text and image moderation’s performance is at the ideal level that we agreed on. Some text moderation such as “VAT” had difficulties as it’s in the middle of some other words.

Some pictures are more challenging to be moderated. For example, catalogue photos are not accepted. However, these photos are typically taken on white backgrounds so it’s easily mistaken for pictures taken outdoors in the white, snowy Finnish winter. Hence, it might get past the moderation and get published.


2. After receiving the service from the Utopia, were you able to make significant changes in the company’s manpower, response times and/or problem monitoring?

Definitely. As we have high volumes, Utopia AI work is worth tens of people, our response time becomes superfast and constant as AI does the same justification for similar cases where instead humans might make two different decisions in the cases which are similar.


3. Does Utopia provide good customer service? And does it provide solutions of new problems during ongoing work?

Yes. We always get in contact and issues are solved.



4. Does using Utopia give you financial savings compared to the situation you had before?

Compared to the situation where we should have hired tens of people instead of using Utopia AI working it made us lots of savings. We have also become a more trustworthy platform as we moderate 100% of our content. This level of moderation was previously not possible.



With 1,1 million sales ads and over 3 million unique visitors every month, is undoubtedly Finland’s most popular and reachable classified online marketplace. The marketplace is owned by Schibsted, the world-renowned International Media Group operating in 22 countries.

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