Young gamer safeguarded by AI at StarStable

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Star Stable Entertainment is a global entertainment company that creates games and stories across multiple touchpoints where players discover adventure, ignite creativity, chat and build friendships. It was founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, and has over 170 employees. In 2020, Star Stable Online had 14M game hours. Now, Star Stable Online Entertainment has 1,4M players active every month in total for all the games and apps.

Star Stable is the world’s biggest online horse adventure where players explore the magical island of Jorvik from horseback, chat and meet new friends. Chat is an integral part of the game, and message volumes are huge. It is very important that players are safe and community guidelines are being followed. Utopia AI Moderator helps protect Star Stable gamers chat and gaming experience by moderating all messages in real time in English, Swedish, Hungarian, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

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