Equip your Customer Service Agents to be at their best in every customer interaction.

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Utopia AI for Customer Service

Are your customers loyal and happy? Do you know what they want and need? What could you do differently if you knew all the answers?

Utopia AI provides you with new insights into Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and how to improve it. By performing qualitative analysis on all customer communications in real time, Utopia AI is able to recognize trends and new topics while carrying out continuous quality assurance.

Utopia AI understands the semantic meaning in text and speech-to-text transliterations, allowing you to benefit from text and unstructured data generated by customers in CS interactions. It helps your CS agents to be at their best in every customer interaction, consistently.


Quality check

Measure automatically 100% of customer service communication cases using AI and your quality team’s example evaluations.



Define automatically trending (new) topics in customer communications.


Qualitative KPIs

Measure automatically e.g. RATER service quality elements: Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, Responsiveness.

Utopia AI for Customer Service

Semantic understanding

Understands the semantic meaning and the context of a communication in any language. Used for moderation, supporting the agent, etc.

Automatic ticket handling

Learns from human decisions how to resolve service requests. Automation rate up to 99%.

Agent selection

Selects the best agent or team to solve a specific issue, adapting to customers’ behaviour, language and other background information.


Automatically analyses 100% of the customer service communications for policy compliance.

Tonality of communication

Analyses both agent and customer behaviour in customer interactions. Recognises emotion, anger level, negative/positive characteristics etc.

Qualitative KPIs

Gives reliable numeric scores for customer service quality characteristics, e.g. following the RATER framework: Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy and Responsiveness.

Suggested solutions

Offers a list of suitable resolutions for the agent, or decides the action automatically. Provides confidence scores for the suggestions, making it easier for the agent to decide the best course of action.

New trends

Detects emerging trends in the free text communications. It also measures their frequency and how they evolve over time.

Big picture

Draws the big picture by clustering similarities from different points of view. Summarizes the text content using key phrases.

Learn more about Utopia AI for Customer Service in this interview at AI Nordic event,
between Peter Nyman, Ella Kanninen and Utopia’s CEO, Dr. Mari-Sanna Paukkeri.

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