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Every business wants to make decisions based on the best available information around the current status of their customers, their services, employees, internal processes and the broader environment. Artificial Intelligence, or machine learning, processes data in the same way that humans do, but can also instantly provide the big picture about what’s really going on in your business.

At the same time, a successful AI implementation will require certain standards around data volumes, data structure and data quality so that the machine can do the modelling successfully. One of the side-benefits of this work is that the business fixes major data problems, something which helps every department of the company. Better management of data for AI simplifies the financial reporting processes, makes granular customer analysis possible, and reduces the maintenance and data development costs across the board. AI is the future – even if you are not making your information processes more efficient using AI, your competitors most probably are.

Utopia Analytics has deep expertise in data, data modelling and enterprise data handling, especially as a precursor to implementing an AI service. We offer professional advice and consultancy on planning the optimal path to an AI enabled future-proof business, whatever your start point.

It all starts with high-quality data

Advanced AI

We provide easy-to-understand knowledge about how the current data architecture should be developed in order to make various AI approaches possible. We also provide insights on possibilities and impossibilities with AI in your business.

Make your data work

Talking to and analysing information on business, IT, customer service and other stakeholders, we provide ideas and plans for must-dos and low hanging fruits. We can also build pilots on your data to show in practice AI’s benefits. We make data integrations faster, more cost-efficient, more adaptable to existing business areas and scalable for future growth.

The benefits

  • Data produced for AI makes traditional usage – like business reporting – more efficient
  • AI changes the world; in order to stay competitive, you need to start today
  • Use your resources to keep an eye on the big picture instead of building separate AI models for smaller purposes
  • True AI decreases the manual work requirement of the IT department
  • The project can cover all functions in your organization
  • Simpler implementation into new business areas
  • Easier to integrate between various systems

We build your own AI model

Ready for production use

Using Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform we build your own AI model from your data. After the project the model is ready for production use as SaaS. We also prepare for the possible futures changes in your business and easy maintenance on the AI model.

Avoid expensive mistakes  

We help your architects and developers understand AI planning requirements better in order to avoid expensive and time-consuming technical choices. We also advise collecting the best possible training data from your current systems for an AI to learn. With our tens of years of expertise we pick the most suitable of AI algorithms to achieve the best result for your case.

The benefits

  • Production-ready AI model for unstructured (and structured) data
  • Possibility to use it as SaaS without worrying about updates and maintenance
  • Professionally built AI model with the best possible quality
  • Tailor-made from your data
  • Ready in just few weeks

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