Safeguard your users and brand from toxic content.

Fostering healthy interactions among users on any social media platform requires tackling issues such as cyberbullying, hate speech, discrimination, racism, sexual harassment, scams, and other inappropriate behaviour.
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Utopia AI Moderator in action

Utopia AI enables automated, real-time content moderation in any language.
It is especially good at understanding social media interactions.

See how Momio, an online community site
available in 70+ app stores for kids from 7 to 13 years old,
is protecting its young users 
whilst simultaneously educating them.


Real-time protection for your brand and users

Every new post, comment and other user-generated content is automatically moderated. Inappropriate content is blocked before it’s published.

More pleasant community experience and increased engagement

Weeding out toxic behaviour creates a safe environment, enhances user experience and increases engagement. This also drives loyalty.

Consistent moderation based on your guidelines

Your unique content moderation policy is consistently being followed. This keeps the moderation decisions free from biases and your content moderators can focus on building the community.


Real-time, 24/7

Utopia AI analyses all user-generated content in real time and returns publishing approval or rejection in milliseconds. It is fully scalable to extremely high volumes. Fully automated processes save up to 99,9% of the manual moderation labor.

Fast and simple integration

Building a unique Utopia AI model takes only 2 weeks. Your IT will be able to integrate your database with Utopia API in a few days. Utopia AI Moderator is offered as a turn-key SaaS solution.

Understanding social media language

Utopia AI understands the semantic meaning in sentences, not just analysing individual words. The tool recognises (un)intentional spelling errors and new meanings for words & emojis so it’s extremely intelligent with informal language.

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Proven to work.
Utopia AI Moderator was developed and tested with the most complex language in the world, Finnish. Today, leading chat service providers and online peer-to-peer selling sites around the world are using Utopia AI Moderator.

How to try it?
Contact us now and try Utopia AI Moderator in a dedicated pilot project. To get started, all we need is your brief moderation history. We will provide you with clear instructions for this.

Who are we?

Founded in 2014, Utopia Analytics is one of the world’s leading text analytics companies. We are PhD-level experts in AI, text analytics and computational linguistics.

Utopia has a deep understanding of both business and end user needs. We solve our customers’ challenges with the latest techniques, as well as our proprietary technology.

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