Empower Support Agents to be at their best so players can come back to the game ASAP.

How to ensure your players are engaged? Do you know what they want and need? Can you support them as effectively as you would want to in order to prevent player churn?

Utopia AI Player Support provides you with new insights into your Players Experience and how to bring it to the next level, exceeding their expectations and boosting retention.
Utopia AI understands and learns from the conversation exchange between players and agents, by analyzing the semantic meaning and tone within text.
Added to this, our solution is able to detect the early signals that will empower you to prevent user churn, through unstructured conversational data (chat, support emails, forums, etc).

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When it comes to Player Support, time is of the essence, understanding what tickets need immediate assistance and channeling them to the right Agent will:


Player satisfaction

Response time

Play time and spending



Response time


Choose the features that you need

AI models trained to mimic your agents actions

AI models are trained based only on your own data, resulting in a unique model that understands your processes without third party influence.

Ensure your players stay

Find the early signals of dissatisfaction from players conversational behaviour and act in a timely manner to prevent player churn.

Get to urgent tickets at a the right time

Based on your company standards, automatically analyze the urgency of a ticket and flag them for immediate human intervention, increasing player satisfaction.

Match Agent expertise with the ticket

Technical performance issue? Bug fix? New content feedback? Trigger tickets based on the agent or team skills to solve or react to a specific issue without unnecessary extra steps.

Suggested solutions

Offers a list of possible resolutions or actions to support the agent’s decision making.

New trends

As an option, the model could also detect, categorize and report trends within the unstructured conversational data. It also measures their frequency and how they evolve over time.

Want to tackle toxicity in in-game chats?
Utopia AI also offers other solutions for gaming.

Utopia AI for gaming

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